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City Clerk

Erin Gathercoal


Office of the City Clerk

The administrative staff at City Hall are dedicated to ensuring that our municipal government operates in an effective and efficient manner, to benefit all the citizens of Baldwin.

Business & Alcohol Licenses

The City Clerk receives, reviews and establishes all City of Baldwin business and alcohol licenses.
Click here for the new business license packet.

Click here for the renewal business license packet.

Click here for the alcohol license packet.

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Building and Construction Permits

The City Clerk is responsible for all construction permits for the

City of Baldwin.

Residential or commercial permit?

Zoning and Annexation Requests

For questions or to make an appointment with the City Clerk regarding zoning or annexation requests, please call City Hall

or email the City Clerk.


Tax Collection

The City Clerk is the designated tax collector for the City of Baldwin. All persons owning property within the city limits of Baldwin are subject to pay an Ad Valorem Tax each year. The millage rate is set by Baldwin's elected officials. 2023 Property taxes are due on February 16th, 2024. The millage rate for 2023 is 8.481 (Habersham) and 2.662 (Banks) and taxes are based on 40% of the assessed value.

Calculation Formula: Property Tax = Fair Market Value (FMV) x 40% x Millage Rate/1000


Example: For a property with FMV of $125,000 and the City Millage of 8.481 (Habersham)

Property Tax= $125,000 x 40% x 8.481/1000 = $424.05


If you have not yet received your 2023 tax bill, please visit or call City Hall to verify what balance is due. Failure to receive bill does not exempt from penalties or interest resulting from payment after due date of February 16, 2024.

Homestead Exemptions

A homestead exemption can give you a tax break on what you pay in property taxes for your primary residence. You must file a homestead exemption affidavit by April 1st for the current tax year. Once you have applied for an exemption, it will remain in effect until the property is sold or otherwise conveyed to another individual.


Cities and counties have different exemptions that do not transfer between jurisdictions. If you would like to receive an exemption from county taxes as well, contact your county tax collector.

Find the affidavit for property tax exemption here.

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Cemetery Services

Located at the intersection of Park Avenue and Ivory Drive, the City of Baldwin offers cemetery services to residents and non-residents. For information on plots available, pricing and more please email or call the City Clerk.

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