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Code Compliance


What is Code Compliance?

Code Compliance ensures policies, codes, rules, regulations, and permits within the city are completed in a proper, timely fashion within the limits of the law. 

The City of Baldwin follows: International Building Code, International Property Maintenance Code, as well as state laws and city ordinances.

How do I request assistance from Code Compliance?

Our Code Compliance office can be reached by phone at Baldwin City Hall or via email.


Blighted & Derelict Property

Blighted property is any property that is no longer serving its community. This means it no longer provides a livable or accommodating space.

Derelict property is any property abandoned by it's owner, and where the owner has no intention to return or reinvest in the property.

If you have concerns of a blighted or derelict property, please contact Baldwin City Hall.

Georgia Landlord-Tenant Agreement

Know your rights as a landlord and tenant! Access the Georgia Landlord-Tenant Agreement here. 

Image by Brandon Griggs

Notice of Violation

The City of Baldwin strives to be a safe and clean area. If you receive a notice of violation, we want to help you get the issue resolved. Common violations are:

  • Overgrown grass/weeds

  • Accumulation of rubbish or garbage

  • Disposal of garbage

  • Prohibited signs

  • Illegal home occupation

  • Abandoned/junk vehicles

  • Structural integrity

  • Zoning violations

  • Building or demolition without a permit


All City of Baldwin citations are heard in the Baldwin Municipal Court. All of those cited must appear in court, where the judge will discuss the citation and any potential fines.

Citations issued by Code Compliance are not traffic citations, court appearance is mandatory, and compliance remains required.


Animal Control

The City of Baldwin provides animal control services through Habersham County.

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